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Kids Clutter & Chaos reviews 2-in-1 Wall Chart Promotion

Learning doesn’t have to stop just because school is out for the summer. With companies like Popar Toys that make incredible interactive books, puzzles and wall charts the kids will be begging you to play and learn! ... read more

Chelsea’s Mommy Experiencing New Things Loving Life Reviews 2-in-1 Chart Promotion!

Chelsea and I have really been enjoying learning about the staples of the different countries. With the world map you get to learn about the different continents, countries, animals, and even famous buildings that are in the area. First off hang up the map on any wall in your home and get prepared to learn. This is great for catching up during the summer as well as for homeschooling or even for the parents to learn more ... read more

The Megalomaniac Mommy reviews the 2-in-1 chart promotion!

As you have seen in previous posts, we have become big fans of the 3D interactive books and puzzles from Popar Toys. Recently we were given the opportunity to check out their 3D wall charts and these things are just as cool, if not cooler than the books and puzzles. ... read more

Eighty MPH Mom reviews the 2-in-1 Chart Package

First, you can select a president to get some fun facts and stats about the president. You can also learn more about certain objects associated with each president. I loved this feature of the app and actually learned a lot about the presidents that I didn’t already know! ... read more

ABCD Diaries Review of Popar’s Books

We reviewed 2 of Popar's books, Sea Life and Bugs. These awesome 3D books are among my kiddos' favorite things right now and I must admit, I am pretty impressed myself. These books would be fantastic educational resources on their own, but the fact that you can use them with technology to garner even more information is pretty awesome. ... read more

Eighty MPH Mom Reviews Popar’s Charts

I enjoy looking for unique educational toys for the kids. Finding things that are fun, entertaining, but also challenge their minds can be tough at times. Popar Toys has been able to create toys that are educational, but have many different aspects to them, and incorporate technology to keep a child’s attention. ... read more

Makobi Scribe Reviews Popar Charts and Books

When the weather turns, we are a bit more limited to where we can go when we homeschool. I have found by integrating fun educational toys into our lessons, he gets excited about learning. And to be honest, it pumps a little more excitement into me as well. If I can find hands on type toys, games, books and other materials, he is more likely to retain what we learn. ... read more

Kids, Clutter & Chaos Reviews Popar’s Books

These books are seriously too cool. Not just for kids but the entire family. We enjoy sitting down together and going through each page in detail. We all are learning and having fun too! Big Brother is captivated by the endless information on each page and especially loved learning all about the planets. Being able to spin and get an up-close view of each planet through the pages of a book is incredibly amazing. ... read more

This West Coast Mommy Reviews Popar’s Books

I love how technology can be used to enhance (not replace!) traditional learning and play activities, so I was curious to check out Popar Toys, a company that uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to enrich and supplement their educational books, puzzles, and charts. ... read more

What U Talking ‘Bout Willis Book Review

Wow! Popar Toys shows that books sure have come a long way since I was a little girl! With all of the technology we now have, reading is becoming even more fun! Not to mention you will have the most realistic experience. Honestly, you will enjoy these books while spending time with your child(ren), just as much as they will. ... read more