• Popar SwagBag LED Multi-Media Backpack

    $149.00 $129.00

    • One (1) SwagBag LED Multi-Media Backpack
    • One (1) Rechargeable DC5V2A Battery To Power SwagBag LED Multi-Media Backpack & Charge A Mobile Smart Device
    • One (1) Apple/Android App To Wirelessly Control SwagBag LED Display: Videos, 3D Animations, Images, Text, & Custom Designs

    Welcome to the stunning LED world of the SwagBag! The SwagBag is one of the worlds first LED multi-media connected smart bags that allows you the ability to display anything on the large 9.5" x 9.5" LED panel such as videos, 3D animations, images, text, and you can even paint your own custom designs on it. The SwagBag comes included with a mobile app that works on Apple and Android smart phones and tablets that allows you to easily connect to the SwagBag without a cellular or internet connection! The SwagBag also comes included with a rechargeable battery to power your bag while your strutting your stuff. This water resistant SwagBag is amazing for children, marketing, trade-shows, events, or anywhere else you want to stand out from the crowd!  SwagBag Quantity: 1 / Battery Quantity: 1 DC5V2A Unit / Apple & Android App Quantity: 1