About Us

Popar changes the way we experience toys, stories, puzzling, and learning through interactive Augmented and Virtual Reality infused children's smart products. Popar smart toys, books, puzzles, charts, and mats are sure to engage children of all ages as they come to life with stunning animations, marvelous games, educational read-alongs, and so much more! All Popar smart products are designed to change and help the way children learn and retain information, build listening comprehension, stimulate cognitive development, and so much more.

Popar co-founders Scott Jochim and Robert Siddell have been designing and creating children's consumer products for almost ten years. To date they have created over 40 different children’s products that are distributed in retail stores around the world. They have also been contracted by various other companies such as GigaPetsAR, National Geographic, Discover with Dr. Cool, Dragon-i Toys, MasterPieces, Round World Products, and others, to design mobile apps and children’s products that are sold throughout the globe.