1) Q: Where do I download the app that came included with my Popar product?

A: Apple users go to the Apple App Store on your smartphone or tablet. Android users go to the Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet. Search for the app that is listed on the product. Click Here-Popar Apple Apps / Click Here-Popar Android Apps

2) Q: Do the included apps work on both Apple and Android?

A: Yes they do. Minimum requirements: Apple® iPhone® 6 or newer, or Apple® iPad® Air or newer, iOS 11 or above. Android™ smartphone or tablet with a rear facing camera, ARM capable processor, and Google Play™ running OS 5.0 or above (may not work on all Android™ devices) to activate the Augmented Reality (AR) and other technology.

3) Q: Are all Popar apps FREE?

A: Yes. Each Popar smart product comes included with a bonus application that only works with that smart product. If you do not buy a Popar smart product, you will not be able to experience any of the Augmented Reality (AR) or other included features.

4) Q: Will the Popar apps work on other non-Popar products?

A: No, Popar apps are only designed to work with Popar smart products.

5) Q: Do these Popar smart products work with computers?

A: No they do not. They are designed to work with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets that meet the minimum system requirements.

6) Q: My device does not have a rear facing camera (camera used to take pictures of others), will it work with any of the Popar apps?

A: No, your device will not work with any Popar apps as they all require a rear facing camera.

7) Q: When I start the app and get into the Augmented Reality (AR) experience, my screen is black. What do I do?

A: Make sure you select “Allow” when there is a prompt to access your smart devices camera. If you did not select "Allow," completely shut down the Popar app and all other apps you have running in the background, go into your phone settings, and make sure to select "Allow" on your camera settings for that specific Popar app, then restart the Popar app you would like to use.

8) Q: The app continues to crash, what do I do?

A: Popar apps take a lot of your devices energy to run properly. When there are a lot of other apps open that are running in the background, it has a tendency to slow down your device similar to that of a computer that has a lot of programs open at the same time. Please shut down all the apps you have running completely (not just going back to the home screen), and then restart the Popar app and follow the on screen tutorials.

9) Q: Do I need the internet to use a Popar app?

A: You only need the internet for the initial download of any Popar app that is over 50 MB (any app download over 50 MB requires the internet to download). After the Popar app is downloaded, you no longer need the internet.

10) Q: I can’t seem to find the serial key for my Popar smart product. Where do I look?

A: Each Popar smart book will have the serial key on the inside of the front cover on the copyright page. Each Popar smart puzzle will have the serial key on the inside of the top of the smart puzzle box. Each Popar smart chart and smart mat will have the serial key on the backside of the smart chart. If for some reason you still cannot locate the serial key, please contact support@popartoys.com and make sure you have a proof or purchase.

11) Q: How come Popar apps do not work on my Apple iTouch?

A: Popar apps do not work on Apple iTouch because of the hardware restriction of only having 256 MB of ram, when at a bare minimum 512 MB are required to run a Popar app. Popar apps work on Apple iPhone 6 and up, with Apple iPad Air and up, running iOS 11 or higher.

12) Q: Do Popar smart products work with the Kindle or the Nook?

A: They currently do not work with either the Kindle or the Nook. The Nook does not have a rear facing camera and the Kindle has the Amazon store instead of Google Play where the Popar apps are housed for Android users. Popar plans to develop for the Amazon store in the near future.

13) Q: Do Popar smart products work with Windows devices?

A: No, Popar apps do not work with Windows devices.

14) Q: Do Popar smart products work with the Leap Frog or VTech tablets?

A: No, Popar apps do not work with Leap Frog or VTech tablets.

15) Q: How come when I am in Virtual Reality (VR) mode and I move my device, the virtual scene on my device does not move like it says it’s supposed to?

A: This is because you do not have an gyroscope/accelerometer inside your device that is required for this function to work, or you have engaged the joystick which will turn off the functionality of your gyroscope/accelerometer. There is a joystick that is at the bottom left of your screen that can be used as a substitute if your device does not have an gyroscope/accelerometer, or you just do not feel like moving your device around.

16) Q: Why can I not see the entire Augmented Reality (AR) animation in my Popar smart book?

A: The reason is probably because you are too close to the smart product with your device. If you back away from the smart product a little bit, it will become more immersive and you will be able to see the entire 4D animation. The Augmented Reality (AR) tracking if fairly robust so you can move away and around the smart product to get a better look at different angles.

17) Q: Will the “Popar Interactive Puzzle” app work if I do not complete my puzzle all the way?

A: Yes it may work if enough of the smart puzzle is built, but we highly suggest that you build the entire smart puzzle so the product can work as effectively as it was designed.

18) Q: What is the “Popar Viewer” app?

A: The “Popar Viewer” app is merely a demo app that will work with a Popar catalog, or your can even create your own Augmented Reality (AR) tracker.

19) Q: Can more than one person use a Popar smart product at a time?

A: Yes they can. As long as each user has a serial key to enter into the app, multiple users can be using a Popar smart product simultaneously.

20) Q: Are Popar smart products in other languages besides English?

A: Yes, some Popar smart products have been converted into other languages. You can simply choose a different language by tapping the “Languages” button, and then select the language you wish the app to be displayed in. If the language you desire is not there, we apologize as we are working as hard as we can to get as many languages as we can into each smart product.

21) Q: Who do I contact if I am interested in selling Popar smart products?

A: You can contact sales@popartoys.com or call us at 888-587-7529 x 701.

22) Q: Who do I contact if I want Popar to build a custom app or custom smart product for my company?

A: You can contact sales@poparinteractive.com or call us at 888-587-7529 x 701. Feel free to check out our custom app development site at www.poparinteractive.com.

23) Q: I am a teacher at a school; can I place a purchase order with Popar?

A: Yes you can. You can email it to sales@popartoys.com or fax it to 480-706-1680.

24) Q: Does Popar sell wholesale to distributors?

A: Yes we do. Feel free to contact sales@popartoys.com or call us at 888-587-7529 x 701 for distribution information.

25) Q: I work at a Public Relations company and I need some high resolution assets. Where do I go to get these?

A: Feel free to download any high resolution asset from our media kit: Click Here. Please contact sales@popartoys.com for the password to unlock the files.

26) Q: Where can I download a Popar smart products catalog or presentation?

A: Feel free to download the following: Click Here-Popar Catalog / Click Here-Popar Power Point Presentation

27) Q: How do I get ahold of someone if I cannot find my answer here?

A: Feel free to email us at support@popartoys.com or call us at 888-587-7529.