Kids Clutter & Chaos reviews 2-in-1 Wall Chart Promotion

Learning doesn’t have to stop just because school is out for the summer. With companies like Popar Toys that make incredible interactive books, puzzles and wall charts the kids will be begging you to play and learn!

Chelsea’s Mommy Experiencing New Things Loving Life Reviews 2-in-1 Chart Promotion!

Chelsea and I have really been enjoying learning about the staples of the different countries. With the world map you get to learn about the different continents, countries, animals, and even famous buildings that are in the area. First off hang up the map on any wall in your home and get prepared to learn. This is great for catching up during the summer as well as for homeschooling or even for the parents to learn more

The Megalomaniac Mommy reviews the 2-in-1 chart promotion!

As you have seen in previous posts, we have become big fans of the 3D interactive books and puzzles from Popar Toys. Recently we were given the opportunity to check out their 3D wall charts and these things are just as cool, if not cooler than the books and puzzles.

Eighty MPH Mom reviews the 2-in-1 Chart Package

First, you can select a president to get some fun facts and stats about the president. You can also learn more about certain objects associated with each president. I loved this feature of the app and actually learned a lot about the presidents that I didn’t already know!

ABCD Diaries Review of Popar’s Books

We reviewed 2 of Popar's books, Sea Life and Bugs. These awesome 3D books are among my kiddos' favorite things right now and I must admit, I am pretty impressed myself. These books would be fantastic educational resources on their own, but the fact that you can use them with technology to garner even more information is pretty awesome.

Eighty MPH Mom Reviews Popar’s Charts

I enjoy looking for unique educational toys for the kids. Finding things that are fun, entertaining, but also challenge their minds can be tough at times. Popar Toys has been able to create toys that are educational, but have many different aspects to them, and incorporate technology to keep a child’s attention.

Makobi Scribe Reviews Popar Charts and Books

When the weather turns, we are a bit more limited to where we can go when we homeschool. I have found by integrating fun educational toys into our lessons, he gets excited about learning. And to be honest, it pumps a little more excitement into me as well. If I can find hands on type toys, games, books and other materials, he is more likely to retain what we learn.

Kids, Clutter & Chaos Reviews Popar’s Books

These books are seriously too cool. Not just for kids but the entire family. We enjoy sitting down together and going through each page in detail. We all are learning and having fun too! Big Brother is captivated by the endless information on each page and especially loved learning all about the planets. Being able to spin and get an up-close view of each planet through the pages of a book is incredibly amazing.

This West Coast Mommy Reviews Popar’s Books

I love how technology can be used to enhance (not replace!) traditional learning and play activities, so I was curious to check out Popar Toys, a company that uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to enrich and supplement their educational books, puzzles, and charts.

What U Talking ‘Bout Willis Book Review

Wow! Popar Toys shows that books sure have come a long way since I was a little girl! With all of the technology we now have, reading is becoming even more fun! Not to mention you will have the most realistic experience. Honestly, you will enjoy these books while spending time with your child(ren), just as much as they will.

The Megalomaniac Mommy reviews Popar’s Books

Last year, we were fortunate to learn about Popar Toys and their line of interactive 3D toys. Alexander has really enjoyed the puzzles we received and loves being able to play with them with the iPad and see everything they have to offer. Of course, I love that he’s always learning something new while he’s playing. This year, Popar is back with some new items including interactive 3D books, wall charts and more puzzles.

Mama Smith’s Review of Popar’s Books

I love to read with my girls. We always have a lot of fun with books. Another one of their favorite things to do is watch videos and play games on their LeapPads or my Kindle. Well, Popar has found a way to combine these two things and create 3D Interactive Books! These things are so cool! I mean, I knew they were going to be cool, but actually trying them out - wow!

Top Notch Material Wall Chart Review

Popar Toys is a fantastic company for kids that love 3D interactive books and puzzles, but they also have some pretty amazing Wall Charts! We just received the 3D Human Anatomy Chart and it is pretty amazingly cool! It is amazing to me that a poster can be so very educational!!

Top Notch Material Book Review

We have read the book many many times. MANY times lol. It is his favorite bedtime book now. It gives interesting facts about the dinosaurs, like did you know that many scientist now believe dinosaurs could walk on two or four legs depending on if they were looking for food or running!

The U.S.A Capitals and Presidents Wall Chart Debuts on QVC

Popar's brand new U.S.A Capitals and Presidents Wall Chart recently debuted on QVC alongside our popular Wonders & Landmarks of the World Map! Available right now as a set exclusively on QVC !

Outnumbered 3 to 1 Reviews Books

The best part, though, is when we use the app to look at the book because it gives us even more information and cool 3D graphics about what the machines do.

Toys & Family Entertainment Review

With Popar's new Interactive Human Anatomy 3D Chart, a headshot on this wall chart means zooming in on the frontal bone, mandible, and temporal bone.

Toy Book Review

Popar books, puzzles, and now charts bring stories and facts to life with interactive animations, games, videos, in-depth read-alongs, and 3-D augmented reality.

Real @ Real Review

Many educational augmented reality books, charts, puzzles and posters by Popar Toys.

ZDnet Popar Review

Popar Wonders of the World Chart is an Augmented Reality interactive learning experience that digitally explores the map of the world, showcasing 100s of famous landmarks, various animals, birds, fish, and different cultural traditions,

Titus2Homemaker Popar Review

It’s not very often I see something that’s a truly new/unique concept. PopAR Puzzles are one of those rare concepts!

My So Called Balanced LIfe Popar Review

Popar Toys combines technology with toys creating a super exciting interactive experience for children including augmented reality books, cards, puzzles and wall charts.

Homeschool Popar Review

The following have been selected as's Top Educational Gifts for 2013.

Consumer Reports Popar Review

Among the hot items at Wal-Mart, Best Buy and other stores this year will be high tech toys for kids. But what’s the right choice for your children?

Diaries of a Domestic Goddess Review

We live in a tech world and Popar Toys have come up with an amazing solution to my pop-up dilemma. They take 3D to a whole new level by combining technology with fun loving stories kids love!!

The Toy Book Review

Popar Toys has utilized the latest augmented reality (AR) technology to develop a new way for kids to learn anatomy, chemistry, and astronomy.

Makobi Scribe Review

I wanted to find some puzzles that would keep the kids attention, but more pieces is not always the answer.

My Kids Guide Review

My daughter and I had the opportunity to review two of the 3D Interactive Puzzle Games by Popar Toys. It sounded like an interesting concept and looked forward to seeing if Mary-Grace would enjoy it or not. We were given the choice of selecting two puzzle games. We chose “Picnic” and “Princess.”

Andrea’s World Review

My son LOVES puzzles. He is autistic, and while he loves many toys/games, there are only a few types of things that he always loves, and besides the computer, puzzles are his favorite. He is really good at them too. He only just turned 6, but he is better at puzzles than I am.

Kids Clutter and Chaos Review

Technology never ceases to amaze me. It moves so fast I feel like my kids know more than I do already at only 5 and 2.5.

Pretty Opinionated Review

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved doing jigsaw puzzles. I find them incredibly relaxing! I passed on that love to Jacob at an early age.

The Life of Rylie Review

My kids were eager to get their puzzles put together, and Rylie got right to work. She was able to put the puzzle together by herself, while Bryce had to enlist a little help from Daddy.

Crazy About My Baby Review

Kids (and adults) are going to love these puzzles.

The Megalomaniac Mommy Review

We recently introduced Tatertot to Popar Toys new 3D Interactive Puzzles. Yes, you read that correctly, a puzzle that is 3D and interactive!

In The Know Mom Review

I thought this puzzle was so great, and would better serve us put together, I Mod-Podged over the finished puzzle with my favorite matte.

Newly Crunchy Mama of 3 Review

You see, these are not ordinary puzzles at all. Sure, you construct them like an ordinary puzzle, but that's when the fun begins.

3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires Review

The puzzles are as well made as you’d expect a puzzle to be and with 300 pieces in each, they are fairly challenging as well.

The Bragging Mom – Review

My boys LOVE puzzles. I have spent many an hour on the floor with them fitting their latest new puzzle. They were so excited when we got 2 new puzzles form Popar Toys!

80 MPH Mom – Review & Giveaway

Popar Toys took the age old saying of “if you build it, they will come” and turned it into a digital reality for the kids of today’s iGeneration

Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle Game Review

Popar is back with another fun 3D product unlike any other! My son and I were very excited to test out the 3D Interactive Puzzle Games.

Vote for Popar Toys!

Vote for Popar Toys as this year's Red Tricycle's Totally Awesome Award for Most Awesome Educational Toy!

Mommies with cents! Popar Toys- A Princess & Her Pals 3D Book Review

I love being a mom in today’s world. There are so many cool products and experiences for my children and it’s fun to share them together. Something I would have loved as a little girl, and my girls were in awe of is the Popar Toys A Princess And Her Pals 3D Book.

You’ve Got to See the “Princess and Her Pals 3D Book” to Believe it!

POPAR Toys has staked out space in the technology-education world that nobody knew previously existed. They have created a line of books, adventures kits, interactive learning cards and puzzles that all combine Augmented Reality with, well, reality.

Bringing Books to Life- An Augmented Reality Princess Book Giveaway

Kids are much more interested in books when they can capture their attention. Once a kid has learned a love of reading, they tend to love most books. But for most kids, they need a bit of a push. A push that makes them see how exciting books can be. Kids love interactive things.

The Life of Rylie & Bryce, Too! Princess and Her Pals 3D Book Review

When I heard about 3D Books from Popar Toys that come to life using an iOS or android device, I knew it was something Haley would love.

Andrea’s World Reviews: Bugs 3D Book

Books are one of the most meaningful tools we as humans have at our disposal. It is especially important for children as their minds are still being shaped, and they should intake as much knowledge as possible. Reading also inspires the use of imagination and fosters creativity, as well as provides safe, calm entertainment that is not corrupted by ads and such.

Interactive Books for Kids Review

They were truly in shock when they got to read Princess and Her Pals 3D Book by Popar Toys. They were absolutely amazed that the princesses seemed to spring right out of the book.

At the Fence: Popar 3D Book Review

Using the App for the book, you actually hear and see the princesses interacting with their pets and each other. This is truly amazing.

Popar Toys Augmented Reality Books Review by 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires

Words cannot tell you how absolutely incredible this book and app are!

Bringing Stories to Life with Popar Toys Augmented Reality Storybooks {Review & Giveaway}

Xenia, the master-mom behind Thanks, Mail Carrier, had her wonderful little girls play and interact with our award winning Princess & Her Pals 3D book!

The Farther Reaches

Butterflies flutter from inside the computer screen out into the room. A WWII fighter aircraft circles around above your head, and a hologram in your likeness appears, speaking directly to you. This three-dimensional, interactive play may just be the future of the toy industry with more traditional manufacturers entering, and pioneering, this new genre.

Popar’s “Princess and Her Pals” 3D Book is one you must see to believe! {Review & Giveaway ~ US}

Megan, from Ahh-Mazing Reviews , got a hold of our Princes & Her Pals 3D Book and simply could not put it down! Yes, we are the same way here at Popar Toys! Read about her experiences

Be Prepared to Be Wowed–Children’s book Summer reading!

Close to Home, a blog written by Maria Long, recently reviewed our Bugs 3D book and had amazing things to say!

Step Inside A 3D World With Books From Popar Toys GIVEAWAY! 6/25

Newly Crunchy Mama Of 3, written by Brandy, is a quirky fun blog about all the craziness behind being a mom of three children and taking care of a dog! (Pretty awesome if you ask us!) They recently got to review our Princess & Her Pals 3D book and absolutely loved it! Read all about her children's experience

Interactive 3D Books for Kids! #Giveaway

Hope's Cafe, a blog written by Hope herself, wrote a wonderful review of our Bugs 3D book! Haven't interacted with our books yet? Read all about Hope's experiences and learn a little more about our wonderful books!

My little man has a new favorite with Popar Toys Bugs 3D book!

Every time we hear and learn about all the wonderful experiences adults and kids alike have had with our products, our office starts jumping for joy! Ok, ok, they don't necessarily jump but big smiles are certainly around for the majority of the day.

Augmented reality toys and games deliver more…

Augmented reality toys and games deliver more than just a bigger virtual world and may just become the future of play, writes Tina Benitez-Eves in this month's edition of Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine.

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2013!

Princess and Her Pals 3D is one of this year's The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval winners!

Popar Toys featured on Univision!

Popar Toys Princess & Her Pals and Construction 3D books were showcased in Univision's morning show, Depierta America! Univision is a Spanish-language television network in the United States. It has the largest audience of Spanish-language television viewers in the world. Check out Ariel and Karla's reaction when they realize how awesome our books are!

iPad, iPhone toys represented at Toy Fair 2013

Among the toys with Apple tech tie-ins, quite a few used iOS device cameras to deliver augmented-reality content triggered by the design of the physical product.

Toy Fair Tech: A Mash-up of Toy Companies

Another big trend for the second year in a row was augmented reality. What that means is that a game's real-life interactivity is heightened with a digital experience.

How the iPhone is invading the $21B toy industry

“If there was a common theme at this year’s Toy Fair, it was not all the mustaches...It was that nearly all the hot new toys coming out on the market will be integrating smart devices in some way. According to NPD data, an average family of four has eight smart devices.

Annual Toy Fair Bursting With Scientific Fun

This year's American International Toy Fair featured some innovations that are so equally fun and educational it may be hard to figure out whether kids or their parents will be the first ones in line. NY1's Adam Balkin filed the following report.

The 20 Coolest Tech Toys From Toy Fair 2013

Remember the days of putting on a magic show with the help of a plastic wand and a super cool cape? Now, kids can do card tricks on an iPad and even pull a tangible ball out of its screen.

Family Review Center Awards!

Our newest book Princess and Her Pals 3D has just won the Family Review Center Seal of Approval AND The Gold Award for 2013!

Hot or Not? 2013’s Toy Trends…According to Specialty Retailers!

The world of specialty retail doesn't always follow the toy trends of the mass market. That's why TDmonthly Magazine asked specialty toy store owners what products they think will be hot — or not — for their stores in 2013. Fred Rosenberg, owner of On the Park in Kingwood, Texas, sees a potential hit in a new tech toy — and it's not a tablet. "Everyone I've shown it to has bought it. It's the first really different thing I've seen in a while," he said of Augmented Reality 3D kits from POPAR TOYS.

Top 10 Most-Wanted Books

Top-10 Most-Wanted Books written by TD Monthly

Popar Books Make Learning Fun!

Popar Toys on Arizona Midday teaching parents and children that learning can be fun!

Loving Life and Living on Less: Popar Toys 3D Books and More!

The 3D books from Popar Toys combines what parents (education and reading) AND kids want (fun)! Books with a video game like interactive aspect! Perfect! There is a whole line of 3D books and the newest augmented reality toy from Polar Toys is the Princess and Her Pals book. With this 3D book you can explore the castle and all the rooms while helping the Princesses gather up all their belongings to get ready for the Rainbow Ball! This would be such an amazing gift for any one of my (many nieces) and I’m sure you can think of a few little ladies who would adore something like this!

M2M Toys for a Connected Holiday

POPAR Toys is one company looking to stay ahead of the curve. Its augmented-reality tech and toy line takes the interactive possibilities of AR and applies it to digital toys, such as action figures and books. Augmented reality refers to the process of laying computer-generated graphics onto real-world images in realtime. In this case, the solution requires a computer, a mobile device, a Webcam, and specially patterned AR markers that superimpose digital 3D images onto physical 2D objects when viewed through a mobile device or Webcam.

Planets 3D Augments the Planets in 3D

“ the company is doing more than just entertaining as it informs, it is furthering the concept of 3D as an integral part of the visual learning experience.”

Toy Company Releases 3D Augmented Reality Mobile Technology

Popar Toys, a division of Digital Tech Frontier, LLC a technology leader for more than fifteen years, announced the release of augmented reality applications that are compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devises. The company, that was first to market this affordable augmented reality technology in the United States, debuted these applications at the International Licensing Show.

Popar Books Presents Virtual 3D Books

Popar Toys will debut 3D technology at the NY Toy Fair featuring the interactivity of video games and applies it to digital toys, action figures and books. "It comes alive in front of your eyes" By way of a web cam, a reader can now explore Venus in real life. You can place a card in front of the camera and the book is read to you. Fun facts truly become fun as these Popar books bring visual and tactile learning together in the perfect marriage for absorbing information. Each page encourages interaction allowing the child to actual be in the book!

Rock, Paper, Pixels: The Evolution of Visual Storytelling

Telling stories is as basic as the need for every individual to connect and be heard. Technological advancements have made it possible for content creators and readers to communicate like never before. For publishers, authors and book illustrators, the future of visual storytelling is abounding with cross-platform opportunities.

The Toy Insider: Popar Toys Makes Books Pop

Popar Toys, a division of Digital Tech Frontier, uses augmented reality to create immersive learning experiences that allow the user to see objects and animations on printed 3-D pages, popping off a book or card. The webcam brings the pages to life on screen. All that you need is a PC of Macintosh computer as well as the included webcam and special black-and-white patterned markers, and your child can be transported into an educational and exciting world of Bugs 3D, Princess & Her Pals 3D, and Construction Machines 3D. More kits will be launching soon.

New York International Gift Fair 2012

On August 19th-22nd, 2012 Popar Toys attended the New York International Gift Fair and we loved it! New York International Gift Fair 2012 with Popar Toys is kid approved and parent tested! Thank you so much for all the support!

Toys are Tool is Curious About Popar Toys

No, it's not a holographic image bouncing off the page but its very very very close to that and dare I say better? Apparently when you use your iPhone or Android or iPad with these books, you can make the books talk to you, show you beautiful color images that actually move!

The Giggle Guide- Reading Comes Alive with 3D!

Show off the newest, coolest entry in the world of reading and watch your shoppers grab up these books! Popar Books offer an interactive reading experience that let kids see 3D objects and animations pop off the page. Even readers who need a little cajoling thrill to seeing butterflies fly smack into their faces or caterpillars slithering across the desert and off the computer screen complete with special sound effects.

Tillywig Sterling Fun Toy Award 2012

Distinctive children's products notable for their exceptional quality and bold originality. The combination of physical and virtual, tactile and onscreen, makes this a unique and entertaining experience.The large, hardcover BUGS 3D book, with its colorful photos, illustrations, and well-crafted and informative text, will deeply engage many young readers without any help from the accompanying technology. Just flip the pages, scan with your eyes, and read - old school. Each pair of pages highlights a different bug, with lots of vivid imagery. As for the webcam 3D technology, BUGS 3D becomes a very different experience from that of reading a book.

National Parenting Seal of Approval 2012

You have NEVER seen anything like this, we guarantee. This amazing and inventive process of integrating a book, the computer and the webcam to produce 3D images on the screen blew our testers away. Seeing the trucks in the book elevate and pop off the page is something to behold. The technique is called augmented reality and it creates a whole new meaning to the words exciting and engaging. There are a number of books in the series now; we had the opportunity to test the Construction Machines. Kids liked how the animations of the machines stayed on the screen even after the book was closed. When you talk about a wow-factor, Digital Tech Frontier just raised the bar to new heights.

Preferred Choice Award 2012- Creative Child Magazine

Bugs 3D Adventure Kit was awarded Preferred Choice Award 2012 for Interactive Media Adventures Category and Kids Educational Books Category in Creative Child Magazine.

Media of the Year 2012- Creative Child Magazine

Planets 3D Adventure Kit was awarded Media of the Year 2012 for Interactive Media Adventures Category in Creative Child Magazine.

Book of the Year 2012- Creative Child Magazine

Planets 3D Adventure Kit was awarded Book of the Year 2012 for Kids Educational Books Category in Creative Child Magazine.

NVision Interview-How Digital Tech Frontier is Innovating with 3D Augmented Reality

New technology aims to bring a deeper level of immersion with movies, books, and games through augmented reality. Scott Jochim is enthusiastic about the future of augmented reality and how the technology can change the way in which we interact with movies, television, books and video games on a more immersive level.

TDmonthly Magazine features Construction Machines 3D Adventure Kit

Construction Machines 3D Adventure Kit was featured in Toys To Talk About: Construction Toys in the June issue of TDmonthly Magazine! The kit contains a 3D book, 3D cards, magic costume card, software and Popar Reader. Kids will have an unforgettable experience as they magically turn into a construction worker and watch bulldozers push trees off the page, cranes lift huge pipes, and excavators dig foundations.

Phoenix Business Journal- Popar Brings Augmented Reality into Children’s Books

PopAR Brings Augmented Reality to Children’s Books by David Sydiongco of the Phoenix Business Journal writes that Popar is fixated on blurring the line between education and entertainment through the use of augmented reality, or AR. The innovative technology incorporates a digital overlay of information, graphics and sound with a view of a physical real-world environment.

Phoenix Magazine- Reality Bytes

Phoenix Files Valley News Augmented Reality by Tom Marcinko. At his Augmented Reality Development Lab in Tempe, Scott Jochim is developing AR for K-12 classrooms. He opens a manual filled with barcode-like symbols- all mundane and unremarkable to the naked eye. But through a webcam and laptop, 3D images of shuttles, space stations and Saturn leap off the paper. You move worlds around, make them spin, and see for yourself how much bigger the sun is than the earth.

Reality Bytes: You can make worlds move around!

Welcome to augmented reality, or AR: computer technology that superimposes text, pictures, or other information onto the real world through a smartphone, webcam, or other high-tech screen. It’s rapidly catching fire in the tech world, and several Valley firms are fanning the flames.

Tots to Teen: Popar is n Amazing Thing to Witness as a Mom.

I had such a fun time reviewing the Popar 3D books, I don’t even really know where to begin. These books are like no other. As if by magic, the items on the pages of your book will come to life in a 3D form on your computer screen, right before your eyes.

AMTC exhibits at Playworld Middle East

Popar Toys was exhibited by the Alexandria Modern Trade Company "AMTC" at Playworld Middle East at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from March 6th to 8th, 2012 and attracted a wide range of exhibitors involved in the manufacturing, development, supply and servicing of children's lifestyle products from around the world. The event attracted trade visitors not only from the Middle East region, but also from the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and North and East Africa.

Why I Love Augmented Reality Right Now

Popar Toys’ augmented reality books push for a more immersive experience, they certainly engage children. The books have a lot of cut-outs as well that also bring things to life on the screen.

Best Books to Wow You

One of the buzzes at Toy Fair 2012 was “augmented reality.” What’s that? It is when computers can add to your sense of enjoyment of the toy through sight, sound, feel or smell.

5 Interesting Things We Saw at the Toy Fair

Similar to E3, Comic Con and other major conventions Toy Fair can be pretty overwhelming. Because of this it is easy to fall into the trap of only seeing the “major” brands. Yet after attending Toy Fair for the last couple of year , D and I have found that there are other great companies and toys just waiting to be discovered. For me, it is the discovery of these “newbies” that make Toy Fair so exciting. Not to mention the enthusiasm and passion of the people manning the booth, mainly because these people are the actual owners/inventors who truly have a stake in the success of the company.

New 3D Technology for Children

The Augmented Reality series bridges the gap between digital technologies such as video games and traditional reading formats transforming the way children engage with the world around them. The toys provide an interactive experience as ‘real’ 3D objects and animations pop off a book page or in a room.

Augmented Reality: The “New” Virtual Reality

Augmented reality, or AR, is different. Wikipedia defines AR as “a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.” Basically, it’s a digital overlay on the real world. 

The View Top Toy of 2012

Popar Books was featured on The View and was awarded Best of the Toy Fair 2012.